1. Pound Cake/Paris Morton 2

    We’re ecstatic.

    The remix passed 250 within the first 24 hours. That’s a new record for the Villains.

    Sure, it’s a laughable record if you’re Drake and Jay Z but it’s a start, and the plays aren’t the point.

    The point is that Rosco and Amir wrote and recorded this because they wanted to deliver a message to all of you over a beat that most of us are familiar with.

    We saw how all the other Pound Cake remixes were about money and girls and empty rags to riches stories, and we noticed that there were almost no remixes around for Paris Morton 2. 

    But a beautiful beat like Pound Cake needed more than just money bitch rap. It needed a message and it needed its partner, Paris Morton 2. (why do you think Drake put them together?) 

    We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and new followers for this, and we’d just like to slide a thank you to everyone that listened, and a welcome to our new fans.

    We hope you all got the message

    If you haven’t heard the remix yet, listen to the sentence right above.

    Thanks to all the bad guys out there.

    - The Villains


  2. Verse 1- Rosco G.

    Verse 2- Amir Guevara

    Engineered By Alexandria Nyl



  3. Longest September Ever.

    Verse 1- Rosco G.
    Verse 2- Jamone Marquis
    Verse 3- Amir Guevara

    Prod. By Entre Lex
    Eng. By Alexandria Nyl

  4. Social Suicide

    Come chill with Villains.


  5. "DJ Khaled looks like Osama’s fat cousin."
    — Amir Guevara

  6. "There’s two types of girls, girls who like Frank Ocean and girls who like Chris Brown. Girls who like Frank Ocean are special."
    — Amir Guevara

  7. "Women can use sex to destroy men. Sad shit."
    — Amir Guevara

  8. "When a man cries, because of some real shit that he feels from the heart, that’s the manliest thing ever. Real men fucking cry. Don’t be ashamed of it. Only bitch ass niggas, think men who cry are weak."
    — Amir Guevara


    Call that shit a night. Have fun :)

    Verse 1: Amir Guevara
    Verse 2: (D.G).

    Prod. By Entre Lex
    Engineered By John Chae


  10. IDGAF

    2nd single off The BVDV Tape. IDGAF. Download it, bitch. 

    1st Verse: Amir Guevara
    2nd Verse: Entre Lex
    3rd Verse: J. Pierce

    and Introducing (D.G). on 4th verse. Welcome to VI.

    Prod. By Entre Lex
    Engineered By John Chae