1. Verse 1- Rosco G.

    Verse 2- Amir Guevara

    Engineered By Alexandria Nyl



  2. Longest September Ever.

    Verse 1- Rosco G.
    Verse 2- Jamone Marquis
    Verse 3- Amir Guevara

    Prod. By Entre Lex
    Eng. By Alexandria Nyl


  3. Hello Tumblr. Look who it is, it’s the Villains. Long time no see.

    We decided to drop this since we’re gonna be in Stockton for a couple months. You all need to know that we’re here. Quick, Unmixed, Unmastered, cypher.

    Introducing Rosco G.

    Jamone Marquis.

    Entre Lex.

    Amir Guevara.

    Entre’s beat.

    We have a lot of great things coming down the line that we’re very excited for. This is pre-cum, we’re about to jizz all over the shit. If you’re seeing this, thank you for your continued support, (you’re still following after months of silence) and know that YOU will be the first to know about the VI. You’ll be the ones that will help to lift us up. We owe it to each of you to continue to put our blood, sweat, tears, and soul into every song we make from here on out. We’ll never give you guys bullshit music. Life’s full of enough bullshit, and you won’t hear it from us. We think you deserve better.


  4. "DJ Khaled looks like Osama’s fat cousin."
    — Amir Guevara




  6. "When a man cries, because of some real shit that he feels from the heart, that’s the manliest thing ever. Real men fucking cry. Don’t be ashamed of it. Only bitch ass niggas, think men who cry are weak."
    — Amir Guevara


    Call that shit a night. Have fun :)

    Verse 1: Amir Guevara
    Verse 2: (D.G).

    Prod. By Entre Lex
    Engineered By John Chae


  8. IDGAF

    2nd single off The BVDV Tape. IDGAF. Download it, bitch. 

    1st Verse: Amir Guevara
    2nd Verse: Entre Lex
    3rd Verse: J. Pierce

    and Introducing (D.G). on 4th verse. Welcome to VI.

    Prod. By Entre Lex
    Engineered By John Chae